Wildlife in Tanzania and Kenya – reptiles

When I went to Tanzania and Kenya, I took with me a book for identifying mammals and a book for identifying birds. I felt quite well prepared but what I didn’t realise was that I had left a huge gap in my ideas of what animals I was going to see – I had completely overlooked reptiles!

It is since I have returned home that I have discovered that Tanzania has over two hundred species of lizard alone, not to mention the many snakes, chameleons and other reptiles lurking out there. This made identifying the species using my photographs (and occasionally my memory) tricky to say the least – I will apologise in advance for any mistakes!

There isn’t going to be a great amount of writing in this blog post; it will be more of a showcase of the reptiles I managed to photograph during my time abroad.

dsc_0148Common striped skink

dsc_0099Tropical house gecko

dsc_0182White headed dwarf gecko

dsc_0108Rainbow agama

dsc_0360Possibly a juvenile rock agama – and although I didn’t get a photo I think I saw an adult as well…

dsc_0165Wavy chameleon

Below are three species that I have been unable to identify; I have found pictures of vaguely similar reptiles but apart from that there seems to be very little information available (I need to buy myself a book!) If any of my readers can identify them then please let me know!




I only saw one snake throughout the whole trip – a green mamba. It was an incredible bright green colour, but I didn’t have my camera on me at the time and did not see it again after that occasion.

This is the last of the ‘Tanzania and Kenya’ themed blog posts for now – I have something slightly different planned for my next series of blog posts so stay tuned!