About Wild Call

Charlotte Page – 19

My blog began when I was an A-level student living in Norfolk and initially focused on dog agility, parrots and horses – I am now studying for a degree in zoology at the University of Manchester, which is gradually leading to me including new topics such as conservation and animal behaviour.

Regularly featuring animals:

  • Rusty – my five and half year old border terrier. She is a bright little dog who loves agility and long walks on the beach.


  • Captain Beaky – seven years old, cockatiel. He is quite a character – sometimes he can be very charming and will ask to have his head rubbed, but if he wants to be left alone he soon lets us know with a hiss!


  • Rockhopper – about a year and half, rosella. Rocky is very noisy and has a range of calls for different situations. He’s not particularly confident around humans but we are making progress in gaining his trust…


  • Dusty – much as I’d love to say that I have a horse, Dusty is not mine. He belongs to my neighbour and I help out with him when I’m around. He is eleven (I think) and is a thoroughbred.