Dog blog – exercise

Despite being five and half years old, Rusty is still mistaken for a younger dog at times – she is full of energy so regular walks are an essential part of her life.

She has three walks each day: the first is at around seven am and is usually a quick twenty minutes up the road before she comes back for her breakfast.


The second walk is at midday and typically lasts between thirty minutes to an hour. She isn’t given any more food after this walk but if she left anything at breakfast then she can have that. (Rusty’s eating patterns are very strange; we tried to correct them when she was younger but eventually just decided to let her get on with it. Sometimes she won’t eat for days, or she will eat a little bit at each meal, or occasionally she will clear her bowl. She is a healthy weight so we don’t have any concern about her habits!)


The third and final walk of the day is another twenty – thirty minutes up the road before her evening meal.

Most days we just walk her around the village and the fields/woods nearby, but she does seem to become bored of going to the same place. This problem is easily solved by putting her in the car and taking her somewhere new – the beach is a particular favourite!


Because she can’t be let off, we walk Rusty on an extendable lead so that she has a bit more freedom. She wears a harness to protect her neck (sometimes she doesn’t realise that she is nearing the end of the lead and it can give her a bit of a jolt). Recently my mum also bought her a collar with lights so that she can be seen on the lane in the dark of winter.

In these photos it is still quite bright outside, but if you look at the photo below you can see the difference that the new collar makes. (This photo was taken on my phone, so please excuse the poor quality).


I really can’t wait for spring!


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