Basic agility practice and tricks with Rusty

For the past couple of weeks I haven’t had a huge amount of time to spend doing anything new with Rusty, so we have been just been doing a little bit of jumping and generally messing around in the garden together.

Jumps 1


We revisited the ‘rear cross’, where I swap the side from which I am handling her during a sequence. For this to be successful she must be able to work at a considerable distance from me and be able to drive ahead to the next jump. With jumping Rusty is very confident and will happily do this ā€“ however I need to work more with other obstacles such as the tunnel too as I feel that she would be less sure of herself with these.

Once Rusty has committed to the next jump I can simply run behind her and pick her up again on the other side of me.

Jumps 2

I also set up a simple arrangement of jumps through which we could practice our 180 degree turns. I even cheekily snuck a 270 degree turn in there as well ā€“ as can be seen in the video at the end of this post, this confused her slightly to start with (and I think my handling skills here were not quite up to scratch) but we went round to try again and she performed it perfectly!


As a break from all of the running around and jumping, I taught Rusty a few little tricks ā€“ this was initially intended to keep her interested (border terriers’ brains do need to be kept busy) although she is so familiar with them now that I really ought to find some new ones…


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