Out in the trap with Buddy

This past Saturday I went out for a hack with Leon’s owner in the trap with Buddy, her driving cob. It was the second time that I have been with them, and makes an interesting change from riding!


I have to admit that Viv did most of the tacking up while I just stood trying to make sense of the harness – although I did help with hitching up the trap. This blog post contains some of the things that I managed to learn about the tack.




All of Buddy’s harness is synthetic, so it requires much less maintenance than a leather harness and just has to be washed down after he has been out.

He always wears a thin head collar underneath his bridle – this is in case of an emergency and we carry a lead rope on the trap with us for this purpose too.

The picture below shows Viv attaching the breeching to the shaft. The shafts also have catches on them which prevent them from sliding too far forwards.


The next picture shows the heel chain – this attaches the traces to the trap.


When moving uphill, Buddy takes the weight of the trap through his shoulders, whereas when travelling downhill he carries the weight on his hind end.

The video below shows some clips from our trips out – please forgive the chatting in parts!

A quick note: there won’t be any posts about Leon for a while due to the fact that he is going away for professional training – he was previously broken into harness and Viv would like to be able to drive him in the future as she cannot ride him.


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