Hello and welcome to Wild Call. This blog will document my experiences and adventures with animals – during my final year of living at home before university I will be aiming to write weekly posts about various subjects including dog agility training, local wildlife, horse riding and keeping parakeets.

About me

My name is Charlotte Page and I am a seventeen year old A-level student (studying maths, biology and chemistry). After my A-levels I hope to study for a degree in zoology – in particular I am interested in animal behaviour, physiology and the conservation of endangered species.

I have two pets of my own – a beautiful lutino cockatiel called Captain Beaky and a border terrier called Rusty.

Captain Beaky was bought for me as a twelfth birthday present – when he first came he was quite nervous around humans and hadn’t been handled much. Slowly over time I accustomed him to being held and now he is very sociable with people, often flying over to me to ask for fuss whilst I am doing my homework.


Rusty came along when I was thirteen, and I trained her myself. Being a terrier, she’s always been a little crazy and we have to be careful about letting her off the lead – once she starts chasing something, there’s no getting through to her! When I was younger I just taught her basic commands, but in the past year or so I have worked on agility with her and have recently begun to teach her some tricks.


I currently live in Norfolk – having only moved here just short of three years ago I have had a fantastic time exploring the woods near my house and seeing wildlife that I had never seen before.

Buzzard 2

The move also brought me much closer to another love of mine – horses. I now ride a handful of different horses for various people – but there are two in particular who will be written about on this blog:

Dusty is a 16.3hh thoroughbred who belongs to my neighbour – I think he is about nine years old but I’m not entirely sure. He is a bit more of a challenge than the other horses I have ridden in the past, (especially when out hacking) but gradually I am learning from him and becoming a better rider.


Leon is 15.1hh; he is only four years old and is quite green when it comes to schooling. He is a rescue from World Horse Welfare so his exact breed isn’t known, but we do have our suspicions that there may be some Arab in there somewhere!


Thank you for reading the introduction to my blog, the first proper post will be up soon – I hope you decide to join me on my adventures.